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We have a wide range of experience and skills that we can effectively apply to marketing campaigns of any magnitude. As a result, we are fully able to accommodate clients that range from small local businesses to large scale companies with relative ease. At Overnight Branding we take pride in our ability to facilitate the supplementary growth and development of our partner companies by utilizing the potent power that PPC contains. Google+

PPC Marketing

What’s Important To Your Business?

Every business is different and has their own goals. But what do most have in common? We broke down the top 3 important metrics when it comes to PPC and how it affects you!

With Online Marketing becoming a more prevalent way to advertise to the masses, business are looking for a ROI on their online marketing campaigns.

The second most important factor companies look at are sales. Why start a marketing campaign if it doesn’t yield results? Sales and Leads are a solid focus point.

Cost Per Conversion is the last metric which plays a huge role in PPC. How much are you paying for sales/lead? What is your profit margin? Your Goals?


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